Message From Principal

Ms. Heema Sharma

Education is the most powerful tool which gives us the freedom from the shackles of ignorance and it will always remain so. The ever increasing flow of information coupled with incredible advancement in technology have paved way to opportunities for growth and prosperity for the whole humankind.

At MIT World School, we will recognize that all the students are distinctively gifted and with the help of exceptional faculty, they will relish the opportunities to realize there individual potential to the full.

However, we will constantly work hard to evolve better and will add many more dimensions to keep up the pace of changing global outlook.

We believe that the best way for the students to face the world today is with a strong foundation of values coupled with global 21st century skills like critical thinking, decision making, creativity, innovation, problem solving and leadership etc.

As our prospective parent partners, we look forward for you constant support to work jointly and seamlessly with a mission to develop well rounded exceptional personalities for future leaders.