“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Education in the truest sense is that which not only guarantees excellent academic learning but also endorses the holistic character development of learners. It enables them to learn to adapt, persevere, and go beyond the limits. The purpose of education is to free every mind of its predefined limits. MIT World School , we believe that enlightenment of the young minds is only possible through ensuring their all-round development. And this is why providing the kids with the opportunities where they can explore their potential beyond academics is so very important.

At MIT World School, we have set up provisions for imparting education beyond textbooks. We deeply focus on the development of the inherent qualities of every child studying at our school.  Our teachers always emphasize bringing the best out of every child. Hence, we keep the art room, dance room, music room, piano room, and much more integrated into our basic infrastructure. We are committed to nourish the young minds into the responsible global citizens of tomorrow by offering them a friendly atmosphere, unparalleled infrastructure, and a highly supportive environment where they are encouraged to shine bright in not only academics but beyond that.

We believe that the all-round development of children is possible only when sports remain integral to their learning process. Thus, strengthening the interests of our students and support them in their sporting endeavors.

We firmly believe that playgrounds can be an excellent classroom where children learn to cooperate, work in a team, share, stay positive, and take defeats constructively. Hence, we have always ensured to keep the school facilities accommodative and inclusive enough to groom every student of ours into humble, responsible individuals of strong moral character.